A Devoted Son is written by Richard O. Sienkewicz and Silver Chocobo and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at six chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


A mother desperately searches for her long lost son, while Kenshin arrives in Tokyo totally unprepared for what he finds after he saves the Kamiya Dojo.[1]

Kenshin finds himself more or less the target of Ranma's traditional problems.[2]

Himura Kenshin had a fairly normal life, well as normal as you can possibly have when you're a half crazed survivor of the japanese revolution and a relic of a bygone age. A tale of Samurai, over protective mothers, insane fiances and the ever present evil swordsmen who are drawn to this like moths to a flame.[3]

Saotome Nodoka is looking for her lost family. She's specifically looking for her son the 'heroic' Battosai of legend. Meanwhile Himura Kenshin is finally reunited with his... mother?!![4]

Nodoka is out looking for her son one day. He has been involved with the Ishin Shishi, and has changed his name, as many did. He has red hair, with a cross-shaped scar on his cheek, and is now known as the Hitokiri Battousai. She must go to the Kamiya Dojo. When she gets there Kenshin is a little surprised to be embraced by this strange woman. Better let her stay though, it's not safe for her to be on the streets. Nodoka had a run-in with the police earlier, and had her sword confiscated for violating the ban. By one officer Saotome...[5]


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