A New Awakening is written by Jerry Unipeg and Diania Yanega and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at 15 chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Ranma and Nodoka have a new beginning in the Faerie Realm. Though they and their new friends are needed to defend their old home.[1]

Ranma wakes up one day as a girl. Fair enough, Nabiki must have been taking pictures again, although it's strange that the futon and the floor are dry. Sparring with Genma is futile too, she's so much better than him now that it's a waste of time. Another shock occurs later when it seems Ranma can't change back to a boy! What's going on, and later on a strange gooey mass starts growing on her back. There's a strange fate in store for Ranma and her mother. A fate in the land of the fairies.[2]


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