A Scary Thought is written by Wade Tritschler and began online publication on April 16th, 1997.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 51 chapters, the most recent of which was published on May 23rd, 2016.[2]


What happens when Kasumi is the one coming back from a training trip rather than Ranma?[3]

This little time switch starts many years ago when it was decided to join the Saotome and the Tendo families. Originally the decision was basically left till Ranma was old enough. However, in another probability the decision was finalized then to have Ranma marry Akane. To help the two children on the road to marriage Soun agreed to raise both children, but in exchange Kasumi was to be raised by Genma. Gee, guess what resulted.[4]

When Soun and Genma decided to join their houses, Ranma was engaged to Akane (at age 6 or so). Soun took Ranma to raise alongside Akane, and Genma took Kasumi. On that training trip. She's now cursed, and a good martial artist. On their return, the engagement is switched to Ranma-Kasumi (since it was obvious that Akane would never marry him). A long story starts. Ukyo as a wolf...[5]


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Prologue/Chapter 1: HomecomingEdit

Chapter 2: Musical EngagementEdit

Chapter 3: With a Friend Like ThisEdit

Chapter 4: Jusenkyo Strikes AgainEdit

Chapter 5: Akane's Little C-chanEdit

Chapter 6: Sasuke's PlotEdit

Chapter 7: Everybody was Cat-fu FightingEdit

Chapter 8: The Not So Black Rose?Edit

Chapter 9: The Young and the OldEdit

Chapter 10: Shampoo and CharoletteEdit

Chapter 11: A Rescue and a Telling TaleEdit

Chapter 12: Guide to Marrying an AmazonEdit

Chapter 13: Kaneda's GirlfriendsEdit

Chapter 14: Sailor Jupiter on the SceneEdit

Chapter 15: Trouble on the IceEdit

Chapter 16: The Charolette CupEdit

Chapter 17: Ukyo vs. KasumiEdit

Chapter 18: A Cold Wind Blows On InEdit

Chapter 19: Mousse's ChallengeEdit

Chapter 20: New students, Old MasterEdit

Chapter 21: Trouble from ChinaEdit

Chapter 22: The Fiancés Step UpEdit

Chapter 23: Haruka's SecretEdit

Chapter 24: Frost's TrapEdit

Chapter 25: Trouble at FurikanEdit

Chapter 26: Just a Bit of LemonEdit

Chapter 27: A Dangerous AllianceEdit

Chapter 28: Forbidden ArtsEdit

Chapter 29: Ukyo vs. Kasumi, Round 2Edit

Chapter 30: New ThreatsEdit

Chapter 31: Ranko Enters the PictureEdit

Chapter 32: Setting the StageEdit

Chapter 33: Enemies on the MoveEdit

Chapter 34: ConspiraciesEdit

Chapter 35: To the RescueEdit

Chapter 36: The Darkness and the LightEdit

Chapter 37: Fighting to the FinishEdit

Chapter 38: AftermathEdit

Chapter 39: The DateEdit

Chapter 40: Mikado's PleaEdit

Chapter 41: Getting the Groove OnEdit

Chapter 42: To Stand a Ghost of a ChanceEdit

Chapter 43: Dance OffEdit

Chapter 44: RevelationsEdit

Chapter 45: Weird, We are Just BeginningEdit

Chapter 46: To Catch a KitsuneEdit

Chapter 47: JudgementEdit

Chapter 48: Coming StormEdit

Chapter 49: Kitsune ConfrontationEdit

Chapter 50: Unplanned OpportunityEdit

Chapter 51: Make a Break for It!Edit


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