Akane ½ can refer to one of the following:

  • Akane ½ - by Jeffrey Paul Hosmer: Ten years ago, a young boy was dragged away from home and mother by his father for a training trip to make him a man. A training trip that ended in disaster... But in the infinite web of time... no decision is final. In another time, another place, that boy never left home. It was his fiancee -to-be, a girl he had never met, who left home with her father upon the death of his wife. They left for a training trip... a training trip that ended in disaster... Guess some things never change.[1]
  • Akane ½ - by Eathan Michaud: Keidanko needs some help. He's picking up a computer and can't manage it by himself. A quick trip to the specially reinforced Nerima branch of Circuit City, and they have it. A few days later Ranma is using the computer when he stumbles on a strange file. It's a fanfic! Wouldn't it be a cool idea if they all got together to write a little story...[2]


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