All Relative is written by John-Martin Lotz and began online publication on December 10th, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at five chapters, the most recent of which was published on June 15th, 2000.[2]


Following the death instructions of Genma, a cursed Ranma heads for Juuban and his cousin Haruka Ten'ou.[3]

Genma is dead. Now what's Ranma to do? Well, after burying his father in China, he leaves for Japan to live with his cousin, one Ten'ou Haruka. What happens when the man among men who turns into a girl with a splash of cold water starts cohabitating with the reckless, flirtatious, woman loving Sailor Uranus?[4]

Genma killed himself in China after Ranma and he got cursed, and now Ranma is off to live with his cousin, one Haruka Ten'ou. Of course turning up as a girl at the Cherry Hill shrine surprised a few people, but he soon settled in. How will Ranma fit into the lives of the Senshi and the goings on around them? What about Soun, who's friend Genma just seemed to disappear, and who STILL hopes that he will turn up with his son. And what will the Senshi think of this strange boy?[5]


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