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Angel is written by Nicholas W. Leifker and was published online on September 29th, 1998.[1]


Ranma must face the greatest challenge of his young life. Is he up to the challenge... or will he falter?[2]

Waking up after his bachelor party was not fun for Ranma. Especially when he slowly, without any water, and with a lot of pain turned into his female form! Hot water got him back again, but later on it happened again. Seems that he managed to drink a potion that is used as punishment by the Amazons. It will slowly lock him in his cursed form. Can he find a way out of this? How will he and everyone else react.[3]

A few days before Ranma's wedding, the curse begins to act up, and Ranma finds himself changing in a bone-dry room. Can Ranma's relationship survive? Can Ranma survive?[4]


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