Black Rose, Blue Thunder is written by Dreiser and began online publication on May 24th, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and 19 chapters, the most recent of which was published on July 26th, 2001.[2]


Ranma is a charming con artist with a killer smile; Akane is the nicest and most kawaii girl in all of Nerima; while Nabiki is considered the violent one in the Tendo family. But lets not forget about Genma. Lucky him, he changes into a big fat flying pig.[3]

Imagine a world where the Kuno siblings are not only sane but likable. Imagine a world where Ranma is a charming con artist with a killer smile. Imagine a world where Ryoga is more often happy than depressed. Imagine a world where Akane is the nicest and most kawaii girl in Nerima. And most important of all, imagine a world where Genma turns into a big fat flying pig. Welcome to the world of Black Rose, Blue Thunder. The Kuno siblings are your lovable protagonists and it only gets stranger from there...[4]

Two girls and a flying pig arrive at the Tendo Dojo The two girls are Ranma (in his cursed form of a female elf), and Kodachi, with whom, Ranma is very much in love. The pig is Genma of course, and when he switches back to normal. the matter of the arranged marriage is broached. Can Ranma stay true to Kodachi. Ranma here is a charming rogue, as is Kodachi. Ryoga is his brother, Tatewaki is a part time chicken! (well, at least it looks a bit like one), and Akane is the sweetest, nicest girl in all Nerima (and a hell of a sports star). Chocoholics rejoice...[5]


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