Can't Win is written by Bryan Neef and was published online on May 8th, 1998.[1]


Ranma's mother, Nodoka, takes Ranma's female alter ego, Tendou Ranko, on a three month training trip. When they return, the entire family is surprised at the results. Even Ranma's rivals and fiancees can't deal with the change. But it's Akane's reaction that Ranma's worried the most about.[2]

When Nodoka visits one day, Ranko makes an appearance. But things change when Nodoka offers Ranko the chance to go on a training trip with her. Ranma accepts in a heartbeat, a chance to finally get to know his mother properly. And a magic ring helps her stay in girl form as well. But when they return 3 months later, things have changed. In Ranko particularly. What has she become?[3]


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