Chi and Chakra is written by Luke Green and began online publication on May 17th, 2009.[1] It currently stands at an interlude and 41 chapters, the most recent of which was published on June 3rd, 2011.[1]


Chi and Chakra are present in every person, but no one has ever successfully learned to use both.[2]


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Chapter 1: ArrivingEdit

Chapter 2: SettlingEdit

Chapter 3: FittingEdit

Chapter 4: TeamingEdit

Chapter 5: TestingEdit

Chapter 6: MissionEdit

Chapter 7: UndercurrentsEdit

Chapter 8: ErosionEdit

Chapter 9: EpiphanyEdit

Chapter 10: NominationEdit

Chapter 11: ChallengeEdit

Chapter 12: RiskEdit

Interlude: Fox HuntEdit

Chapter 13: GrassEdit

Chapter 14: BitesEdit

Chapter 15: InfectionEdit

Chapter 16: WorriesEdit

Chapter 17: TreatmentEdit

Chapter 18: FlowsEdit

Chapter 19: SurprisesEdit

Chapter 20: MatchesEdit

Chapter 21: TrainingEdit

Chapter 22: SchemesEdit

Chapter 23: Pre-EventEdit

Chapter 24: CommencementEdit

Chapter 25: UnevenEdit

Chapter 26: BattleEdit

Chapter 27: InspirationEdit

Chapter 28: AccidentEdit

Chapter 29: EruptionEdit

Chapter 30: ChaseEdit

Chapter 31: RooftopEdit

Chapter 32: CountersEdit

Chapter 33: DefendersEdit

Chapter 34: ResolutionsEdit

Chapter 35: AftermathEdit

Chapter 36: WinddownEdit

Chapter 37: LecturesEdit

Chapter 38: AssignmentsEdit

Chapter 39: LeavetakingsEdit

Chapter 40: PossibilitiesEdit

Chapter 41: TravelsEdit


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