Children of Jurai is written by Gregg Sharp and began life as two separate Bet-fics, Ranma Muyo and the non-Ranma ½ entry Children of an Alien God. The first of these began online publication on September 29th, 1998[1] and the second began on October 3rd, 1998.[2] It currently stands incomplete at one instalment of the combined version.[3]


Yosho takes over Ranma's training for 5 years.[4]

Kagato turns up at Jurai just after Ryoko did, and as a result, Jurai is destroyed. Yosho with a few other survivors land on Earth and settle down Many years later, Ranma watches a fight between Genma and Yosho, a fight that Yosho won. And as a result Yosho took over Ranma's training for 5 years.[5]


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