Chocolate Oranges is written by Rylan Hilman and began online publication on May 5th, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at five installments, the most recent of which was published on May 29th, 2003.[2]


It's an odd sort of day for Nabiki. Akane left this morning, by going into the back yard and climbing the wall, Soun has been in the bath for more than 12 hours and one of the carp is trying to get up the courage to leap. Genma has a new elk form as well...[3]

What is a dream? What is reality? Nabiki Tendo comes to herself one Thursday morning... and decides she just doesn't care.[4]


PLOT NEEDED - This article is missing a plot summary of the events of this story.


  • A set of notes on installments 0~4, "Annotation", also exists.

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  • 1 13/05/02
  • 2 24/05/02
  • 3 31/08/02
  • 4 18/01/03
  • 0 02/06/03

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