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Clawmates is written by Stormen and began online publication in ????. Currently the story stands incomplete at three chapters, the most recent of which was published online in ????.


Ranma & Akane find something out about themselfs. And other want them for it.[1]

Ranma staggers into Tofu's surgery one night, carrying a battered and unconscious Akane. Both are badly injured, both will take weeks to recover, except they don't! Both are healed by next morning, and a little experimentation confirms it. They're mutants. Bad enough in a world that fears and reviles mutants, but shortly afterwards they are kidnapped by the Weapon X corporation, and re-made in a way that Wolverine of the X-Men is only to familiar with. They're rescued, but with most of their memories gone, there's no going back. They'll have to try to make a new life with Xavier and the X-Men...[2]


PLOT NEEDED - This article is missing a plot summary of the events of this story.


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