Closing Time is written by Mike W. Loader and was published online in March 30th, 1998.[1]


Ranma and Akane get married. And the rest of Nerima gathers at Ucchan's to, er, celebrate. Sort of.[2]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo were married yesterday and now Nabiki Tendo is second-guessing the wisdom of having a celebratory party at "Ucchan's" given the guest list. She decided someone needed to keep an eye on this lot, that and Ranma and Akane were making a lot of noise back at the Tendo Dojo. There is a big sign that read "Closing Celebration" and Ukyou Kuonji is grinning widely as Ryoga Hibiki hammers away at a piano. By counting the empty glasses scattered about the room Nabiki is sure those present have all had a bit to drink, something confirmed by Ukyou's breath when she approaches Nabiki. Nabiki tries to leave, but Ukyou stops her by pushing her onto a chair next to Tatewaki Kuno and tells her that they were all about to sing a song. She has a quick word with Ryoga and asks if everybody knows Closing Time. A positive show of hands is followed by her pronouncement that she'll be closing up after the song, which provoke a hail of bottles and other items. As Ukyou sings the song some of the girl shed their tops and Nabiki feels that the room is beginning to spin. Happosai acts like a letch because of this and few minor scuffle break out leaving Kodachi Kuno to take the microphone. While Ukyou grabs Ryoga in a hug Kodachi gives Shampoo the microphone so she can deal with Happosai. Nabiki reflects that Shampoo sounds sad and recalls that she was the one who stumbled across Ranma and Akane having sex, the event that led to the wedding a week later. Happosai detonates a bomb which blow out one wall and causes some of the roof to collapse. Konatsu spots Ukyou rubbing up against Ryoga and attack the lost boy, leaving Uykou to take back the microphone from Shampoo as the Amazon goes to attack Happosai. Nabiki is drunk enough now that she is quite happy to kiss Kuno as more of the ceiling falls in. Happosai and Cologne each take turn on the microphone as the grill sets light to one of the walls of the restaurant. Ukyou is crying now while trying to strip Ryoga and Shampoo is crying too as Kodachi nails up a picture of Ranma. After a turn with the microphone Nabiki gives it to Konatsu as she snuggles up with Kuno and watches more of the roof collapse. Sirens can be heard in the distance and Ryoga stands up, leaving Ukyou in a sobbing heap. Nabiki decides Kuno makes a nice pillow and falls asleep.


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