College Station by Night is written by Nicholas W. Leifker and was published online on October 2nd, 1996.[1]


A college student is visited late one night by Ranma.[2]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

In the land of College Station, writer Nicholas Leifker is visited by an irate Ranma Saotome who is annoyed with what Nick did to him in his works of fan fiction. He is willing to give Nick one last chance not to be punished is he agrees not to start any new stories. The punishment for breaking this would be to be doused with water from the Spring of Drowned Girl. Ranma then looks to Nick's computer screen to see what he is currently writing and declares Nick to be a hentai after reading a sentence or two. Nick calms Ranma down by saying it isn't what he thinks it is. Ranma then tells Nick to get himself a date or he will splash Nick with the Jusenkyo water. One small problem is that Ranma is stuck in this universe for the next two weeks and has already messed with Nicks roommate's mind. Nick has a doomed feeling.


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