Comes the Cold Dragon is written by Don Lee Granberry and began online publication on January 24th, 2000.[1] It currently stands incomplete at eighteen parts, the most recent of which was published in ????.


It's the aftermath of the failed wedding. Ranma is hurt badly and is in Tofu's clinic recovering, but it will take a while. Akane is a bit stressed out and taking it out on the morning brigade at school. Tofu is worried about Ranma though, apparently he's exhibiting the signs of combat fatigue. The thought of a martial artist of his calibre going berserk is frightening, but how to remove the stress from his life so that he can recover. In addition, Ranma has manifested a new ki-ability, that of being able to suck all the heat out of an area around him. He doesn't even realise he's doing it! Of course, having another voice in your mind isn't going to help any. Something's got to give...[2]

After the failed wedding, Ranma is resting at Dr. Tofu's - who diagnoses that he is on the verge of a nevous breakdown. As efforts are made to divert the other suitors, Akane must stand with him and admit her true feelings as he begins a startling transformation.[3]


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  • The story was conceived as a prequel to Spreading Wings, also by Granberry.


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