Crippled can refer to one of the following:

  • Crippled - the original Bet story by Gregg Sharp.
  • Crippled - a continuation of the above by Dale Ratner: While Shampoo was chasing Ranma-chan, trying to kill her, Akane distracts Ranma at a crucial moment by punching her. Shampoo skewers Ranma-chan, severing her spine. Ranma winds up paralyzed in hospital, Akane denies responsibility, Nabiki and Kasumi wonder what has become of Ranma.[1]
  • Crippled - Body and Souls - a continuation of Sharp's story by Kevin D. Hammel: Akane choses the wrong moment to berate Ranma about Shampoo, back when the Amazon first came to Nerima. Now Ranma has to deal with being abandoned by everyone he'd ever cared about. How can he be a martial artist when he's living in a wheelchair?[2]


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  2. Description from Internet Archive record of Drakensis Fanfiction Archives

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