Crossing the Line can refer to one of the following:

  • Crossing the Line - by Ginrai: Nodoka wants to get this fiancee business sorted out, and she realises that in the end the final choice is Ranma's. Better check out the ancestry of all the fiancees to be sure. The Tendos and Kunos are fine and Shampoo will likely become a mistress, but she can't find out anything about the Kuonjis. Maybe Nabiki can help. Well, she can, but what she finds out is more than a little disturbing...[1]
  • Crossing the Line - by David Wong: Cobra plans to take over Japan, and Tokyo and it's precincts are the main target! How will the NWC deal with legions of Cobra Vipers, deadly B.A.T.S., and the general nasty disposition of the Dreadnoks. In the midst of all this, Ranma finally learns how to take control of his life once and for all![2]
  • Crossing the Lines - by Firewind: A fight on top of the Tendo Dojo goes badly wrong when a change intervention by Happosai results in Ranma sending Ryoga headfirst into the rocks around the koi pond. When Ryoga finally wakes up he's got amnesia and doesn't remember anyone! How is everyone, and especially a guilty Ranma, going to cope with this and what will be the result of the distortions of the truth that are given to Ryoga...[1]


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