Deep Blue is written by Kirinin and was published online on May 8th, 2003.[1]


Ranma loves Ryoga due to the koi rod love spell, and Ryoga is going out of his mind.[2]

Ranma couldn't break free of the koi rod's spell even if he wanted to. Now he's stuck loving Ryoga! When a cure for the curses finally turns up, Ryoga jumps at the chance - and the chance to use Ranma's love for him to attain that remedy.[3]

Ryoga has tagged Ranma with the Koi-rod of love and now Ranma is desperately in love with him. What can he do about it? He can't just kill Ranma, much as he would like to, so the only hope is a cure. As for Ranma, how can she overcome the hate and disgust she inspires in the man she loves...[4]


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