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Divine Blood is written by Luke Green and began online publication on June 15th, 2009.[1] It currently stands at a prologue, 50 instalments, and six posts, the most recent of which was published on December 3rd, 2011.[2]


Seventeen years ago, three gods started a bet to see who could spawn the strongest hero. This bet destroyed Ranma Saotome's old life. Now the martial artist's children are being wrapped up in events beyond their control.[3]


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1: RegistrationEdit

2: Social SocietyEdit

3: TurbulenceEdit

4: RescueEdit

5: EscapeEdit

6: Politics and HomecomingEdit

7: ApproachesEdit

8: Enticements and LessonsEdit

9: Forks in the PathEdit

10: The Roads Have ChosenEdit

11: Aftermaths of SeparationEdit

12: Searching and ConflictEdit

13: Theories and MotivesEdit

14: Rest and Relaxation - Part 1Edit

15: Rest and Relaxation - Part 2Edit

16: Rest and Relaxation - Part 3Edit

17: Troubles Knocking at the DoorEdit

18: Recipe for TroubleEdit

19: PaisphageEdit

20: HomecomingsEdit

21: Mission WrapUpsEdit

22: Battles at HomeEdit

23: Fraying SecretsEdit

24: Convergence Before the StormEdit

25: Last of the FirstEdit

26: First Battle EndsEdit

27: Lull in the StormEdit

28: Appetites and MovementsEdit

29: Scouting and SkirmishesEdit

30: Unique and BelongingEdit

31: Earthly BattlesEdit

32: Torrential CurrentsEdit

33: UnionEdit

34: A Crossing of PurposesEdit

35: Normal School DaysEdit

36: Deciding on a HaircutEdit

37: High Score - ShichimuEdit

38: Physical EducationEdit

39: The Siege of MeridiaEdit

40: Smiting PrivilegesEdit

41: Setting SunEdit

42: Juxtapositions of IntimacyEdit

43: Guests for BreakfastEdit

44: The Sun Also RisesEdit

45: Too Many PartiesEdit

46: Shell GameEdit

47: Another Day of Battle SetsEdit

48: Conversations in RecoveryEdit

49: Still Moving ForwardEdit

50: Policy MattersEdit


  • A version of this story, removing all the copyrighted characters, is available on the Kindle and as a paperback.
  • The "Unwanted Reunions" and "Fertile Fields" instalments of the Anime Addventure version are by AYH and both are included (uncredited) in the chaptered version (as parts of Chapters 21 and 39 respectively).

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  1. Material not included in chaptered version of the story.
  2. These are both divergent paths from "Offers to the Dead" and thus are incompatible with each other.

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