Dragons, Mages and Martial Artists is written by Diania Yanega and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at 16 chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Mousse steals an artifact from Cologne, he uses it to send Ranma to another world. The problem was when he used it Ranma-Chan was fighting Ryoga and Kuno saw Mousse banish is pigtailed Goddess and hit him into the aftermath of the spell. Now all three are on a new world. A world at war with their Gods.[1]

Ranma has finally confessed his true feelings about his fiancées. Despite this or maybe because of it Ryouga, Ranma, & Mousse find themselves lost in an alien world. Despite the truce they agree to Mousse & Ryouga are still plotting Ranma's demise. Can Ranma's friendship with a kind hearted Kender and the compassion found in hour glass like eyes help him through these rough times??!![2]

Mousse tries to get rid of Ramna using magic doesn't really understand and he, Ranma and Royga got transported to another world.[3]

Ranma and Akane aren't getting along well, and Ryoga attacks Ranma for that one evening. Not unusual, but Mousse chose that time to use an ancient Amazon magical artifact on Ranma. An artifact that will send the target to another dimension. Unfortunately it takes Ryoga and Mousse along with it and all three of them wind up in the Dragonlance world where they soon come across some people fighting some large lizards. Meanwhile back in Nerima the search is on to find out what happened, and where the boys were sent...[4]


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