Dungeon Keeper Ranma is written by Benjamin McCrillis and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


Ranma is transported by Happosai into the world of Dungeon Keeper, where he'll have to conquer the entire world just to survive. there is hope however, in the mythical Portal Gems, that once reunited might be able to send Ranma back to earth.[1]

Ranma Saotome was thrown from his home dimension into the world of Dungeon Keeper 2. Now, he must build an army and conquer the kingdom before he can go home. But how much will he change?[2]

Ranma Saotome has been banished from his homeworld. In order to get back home, he needs the powerful Portal Gems that King Reginald protects. In order to get them, he needs an army willing to kill, torture and steal for him. That's where Horny, Lundar and the Dungeon Heart come in. Now, with the means in his hands, Ranma must conquer the Kingdom that King Reginald claims. But how far will Ranma go in order to return home? And how much will he change?[3]


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