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Empathy is written by Arthur Hansen and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at three chapters, the most recent of which was published online in ????.


Akane becomes afflicted with her own curse thanks to Mousse. Startling changes occur, as Akane and Ranma's true feelings became known to each other when they aren't ready to deal with them.[1]

Mousse is going to get his revenge on Ranma for stealing his Shampoo from him! He's got some cursed water, and, as soon as he spots what he thinks is Ranma leaving the Dojo early in the morning, he attacks! Unfortunately it's Akane, and as a result both she and Ranma get splashed by a bit of the water. Well, all it does, it seems, is make Ranma's cursed form have a lock of white hair, and give Akane a cursed form that's largely unchanged, except for white hair. But that's not all. Slowly they start being able to feel what the other one does, and the mental powers gradually grow in time. Are they ready to really know what the other feels?[2]


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