Family Trees is written by Luke Green and began online publication on April 25th, 2000.[1] It currently stands at ten instalments, the most recent of which was posted on April 7th, 2002.[2]


Have you ever read one of those mega-crossovers where everybody is closely related to the most unlikely people despite things like incompatible time periods or wrong worlds? This one does that on purpose.[3]

It turns out Ranma isn’t Genma’s son after all, and the Tendo sisters have their own family secrets.[4]

Nodoka has some information for Ranma. It seems that Genma is not his father. It's time for Ranma to meet his real father, at the Masaki shrine. He's not the only one with an unusual lineage, Nabiki is the daughter of Xellos for instance, and just about everyone else has family that they didn't know of, but soon will...[5]


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