For the Love of Kuno is written by Michael Fetter and began online publication on May 4th, 2001.[1] It currently stands incomplete at ??, the most recent of which was published on October 28th, 2001.[2]


Genma is a greedy, lying, cowardly father, but to engage Ranma to both of the Kuno siblings? This is straining all ideas of intelligence and decency![3]

Ranma arrives in Nerima with Genma. At the Kuno residence where it seems that Genma has arranged an engagement with Kodachi. Of course what turns up is a panda and a girl, and Tatewaki is most taken with the pig-tailed goddess that's entered his house. Kodachi is just as taken with the boy that Ranma turns into when he finally gets access to hot water, and with two engagements comes double the dowry! Ranma's life just got a whole lot more complicated...[4]


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