Fuku-fics began as a subset of Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon crossovers.


It's all up to the costume. If Ranma wears something close enough to a Sailor Senshi uniform then it counts.

Technically, it doesn't have to be a
Sailor Moon crossover or even one where Ranma's a magical girl.

The normal sailor seifuku IE school uniforms aren't quite enough to count, but if they were just a hair more outlandish: shorter skirts, bigger bows, tiaras, puffier shoulder. Then it would count.

In short: pleated miniskirts and big bows are the requirement here.

A Fuku-fic then is one in which Ranma Saotome ends up, for whatever reason, wearing a more elaborate version of the traditional sailor seifuku uniform favoured by Japanese high schools. Given that the costumes of the Sailor Senshi easily fit this description, it is obvious that the majority of Fuku-fics are crossovers with Sailor Moon.

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