Gotta Dance! is written by Frequent Reader and was published online in ????.




After the incident on Planet Lyco, Ranma Saotome, Shampoo, Ukyou Kuonji and the Winx go to Musa's home planet, Melody, to unwind. They meet up with Felicia and Jon Talbain, who are guest guest performers for the planet's Music City Fest going on. Meanwhile, Valtor and the Trix are also there to try and ambush them. Fortunately, the group was aware of the presence of the dark magic users and Musa concocts a plan of action where she uses a musical hypnosis spell that causes all under its effects to dance to the sound of music. She shines this on everyone, including Valtor and the Trix. Soon, the entire city gets lively as Felicia performs her song and everyone dances to the beat. During the dancing, the Winx teleport their enemies away back to Shadowhaunt where they can't do any damage. As an added insult, Stella had secretly placed an additional spell on them that causes them to hear the same song for hours on end so Valtor and his cronies will have no choice but to dance to it. Valtor swears revenge as soon as he stops dancing, which won't be for another week.


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