Honor and Pride is written by A. Shaw and began online publication on August 21st, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 18 chapters, the most recent of which was published on September 19th, 2006.[1]


The Path of the warrior is long and perilous. Many challenges await Ranma Saotome as he walks this unending road, including the most dangerous opponent of all: himself...[2]

Ranma had matured since the battle with Saffron, but a martial artists strength flows from his fights, and now Ranma will take the first step on a journey that will teach him the true way of the warrior. But first his pride must be broken.

Beginning their quest, Ranma and Ryoga have made it to China. But the mountains of China hold many secrets, which may possess both blessings and curses for Ranma.[3]

Ranma is feeling depressed. The challenges he's faced are all in the past now and there just doesn't seem to be anyone to give him a challenge now. That's all about to change though when Happosai turns up badly beaten. He was defeated by some fighter who also derided the Anything Goes school, and that is not an insult Ranma can ignore. The ensuing fight however is a revelation to Ranma and the start of a long painful process of change for him.

Ranma and Ryoga have left for their journey. The life of a wanderer is far from easy though, and Ranma is somewhat irritated when Ryoga just appears to vanish one day. He's found a pretty girl, and moreover one with some ki techniques that he can use to defeat Ranma...[4]


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