Kuno Gets Lucky is written by Gregg Sharp and began online publication on April 2nd, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at two instalments, the most recent of which was published on September 8th, 1999.[2]


What if Akane allowed Kuno a date?[3]

At 14, Akane decides to go on a date with Kuno, in the idea that after having had a date, Kuno will lose interest in her. Unfortunately after a lot of drink, Akane winds up pregnant, and moves to Tanzania to start a new life. Shortly afterwards, Ranma arrives and gets to know Nabiki and Kasumi, 2 years before the engagement is due to take effect. How will this change things.[4]


PLOT NEEDED - This article is missing a plot summary of the events of this story.


FFML Posting HistoryEdit

  • 1 02/04/99
  • 2 08/09/99

RAAC Posting HistoryEdit

  • 1 20/07/99

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