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Lessons is written by Nicholas W. Leifker and was published online on February 20th, 1997.[1]


Set 3 years after Sunrise, Ranma and Ukyo are married, and have a daughter called Aoi. One morning Ranma is thinking, preparing himself for what he must do for Ukyo. A few months ago, Ukyo was attacked at Jusenkyo, and fell into the Nannichuan. However, Ukyo desperately wants another child, and Jusenkyo has a habit of not letting it's victims rest.[2]

Three years after defeating Herb and regaining her manhood, Ranma finds himself once more with a crisis of self, and must decide what is most important in his life.[3]

Ranma and Ukyou find that getting away from the curse can be harder than they expected...[4]


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  • Sequel to Sunrise, also by Leifker.

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