Lessons of Mastery is written by Arthur Hansen and was published online in 2000.[1]


To be a master...[2]

What would happen when Ranma's view of himself changes? And how does his self image affect everyone around him? Ranma finally becomes a Master of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts.[3]

It starts when Ranma finally challenges Genma for the Mastery of the Anything-Goes School. Later at school Ranma challenges Kuno. If he should win, Kuno must find out all about the Pig Tailed Girl from Nabiki. And then when Ranma is at Tofu's clinic getting fixed, Tofu convinces him that being the best martial artist also means being good academically as well. Then he needs to prove to Akane that he's not a pervert. Challenge after challenge, leading, quite by chance, to realise the truth about the skills he has learned from Cologne. Now it's time to really answer the challenge...[4]


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