Lonely Souls is written by Frederick Dean Herriot and began online on October 2nd, 2001.[1] It currently stands incomplete at twelve chapters, the most recent of which was published on May 7th, 2002.[2]


What might have happened if Ataru was NOT bonded to Lum...but to someone else? And what might have happened if Negako Moroboshi gained her life earlier than expected? Need we mention twelve half-sisters?[3]

The Nerima Wrecking crew are rocked as well by events of this story, as Ataru and his sister Negako arrive to stay in that town. What will their presence bode for the people there...and for those Ataru turned his back on in Tomobiki?[4]

Chikage looks into the crystal ball and consults the tarot. She sees two people, a boy, one that is related to her, and a girl, with a fiery spirit and one who completes the boy. The boy is Ataru, After having some lost memories returned to him, not to mention a sister of sorts, and after seeing Lum expelled from the planet, things are going to change dramatically in Ataru's life. The girl is Ranma, who still have much to find out about who he/she is, and suffers from her own injuries. The situation in Nerima is becoming untenable for her, causing her to react with increasing violence. Meeting up with Tampopo did her a lot of good, and as for when she met Ataru...[5]

It is eight weeks after the Second Tag Race, and six weeks after the failed wedding at the Tendou Dojo. After a two-week respite, Saotome Ranma finds himself once again the target of unwanted fiancees, including the woman for whom he recently had to kill to save. And that is when he meets Moroboshi Ataru and his adopted sister Negako. A much CHANGED Moroboshi Ataru, Ranma soon learns, one who has turned his back on those he had interacted with for so long in nearby Tomobiki. The reason is quite obvious at first: Lum is dead. But things are NEVER that obvious! For Ataru's and Negako's presence in Nerima will spell a radical metamorphosis for Ranma, a change that will rock the "Nerima Wrecking Crew" to the very core, as much as the changes which have overcome Ataru has (and will) affect the people he left behind in Tomobiki. And as Ranma must now confront the ugly truths underlying "her" life, she also finds herself drawn into the lives of Ataru and Negako -- not to mention twelve young women who look on the "cancer of Tomobiki" not with loathing, but as their all-important and beloved Big Brother! What does all this mean for everyone else?[6]


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