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Lure the Tiger from the Mountain, originally titled Reflections is written by Joseph A. Johnson and began online publication on December 6th, 2001.[1] It was completed on February 3rd, 2003.[2]


In this story, Ranma has become exactly like his father. You know what they say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." They arrive at the Tendo dojou with the intention of robbing it out from under their hosts. Unfortunately they weren't counting on the blooming relationship between Ranma and this new Akane.[3]

Ranma and Genma are conmen. They've arrived at the Tendo Dojo with the aim of conning the Tendos out of the dojo. They need to get money to get back to China. Shouldn't be hard, Ranma will just wind one of these girls around his little finger, they can sell the dojo and split like they always do. Unfortunately the heir to the Dojo is one Akane Tendo. She has a bad leg, but an indomitable spirit and she will never be defeated. How can Ranma get into her guard, without also letting her into his...[4]


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Chapter 1: Man tian guo hai (Cross the Sea by Fooling the Sky)Edit

Chapter 2: Xiao li cang dao (Conceal a Dagger in a Smile)Edit

Chapter 3: Yu gin gu Zong (Snare the Enemy by Letting Him Go)[5]Edit

Chapter 4: Yuan jiao jin gong (Befriend a Distant State While Attacking a Neighbor)Edit

Chapter 5: Yu qin gu zong (Snag the Enemy by Letting Them Off the Hook)[5]Edit

Chapter 6: Wu zhong sheng you (Create Something Out of Nothing)Edit

Chapter 7: Jai chi bu dian (Play Dumb While Remaining Smart)Edit

Chapter 8: Fan ke wei zhu (Make the Host and Guest Exchange Places)Edit

Chapter 9: Zou wei shang (Run Away)Edit

Chapter 10: Kong cheng ji (Fling Open the Gates to the Empty City)Edit

Chapter 11: Shu shang kai hua (Deck the Tree with Bogus Blossoms)Edit

Chapter 12: Jie dao Sha ren (Kill with a Borrowed Knife)Edit

Chapter 13: Hun shui mo yu (Fish in Troubled Waters)Edit

Chapter 14: Ah du chen can (Pretend to Take One Path While Sneaking Down Another)Edit

Chapter 15: Pao zhuan yin yu (Cast a Brick to Attract Jade)Edit

Chapter 16: Ku rou ji (Inflict Injury on Yourself to Win the Enemy's Trust)Edit

Chapter 17: Wei wei jiu zhao (Besiege Wei to Save Zhao)Edit

Chapter 18: Jin chan tuo qiao (Slough off the Cicada's Shell)Edit

Chapter 19: Shun shou qian yang (Take the Opportunity to Pilfer a Goat)Edit

Chapter 20: Yi yi dai lao (Relax While the Enemy Exhausts Himself)Edit

Chapter 21: Qin zei qin wang (Catch the Ringleader to Nab the Bandits)Edit

Chapter 22: Da cao jing she (Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake)Edit

Chapter 23: Jie shi huan hun (Raise a Corpse from the Dead)Edit

Chapter 24: Shing dong ji xi (Make a Feint to the East While Attacking in the West)Edit

Chapter 25: Jia dao fa guo (Obtain Safe Passage to Conquer Guo)Edit

Chapter 26: Ge an guan huo (Watch the Fires Burning Across the River)Edit

Chapter 27: Tou liang huan zhu (Replace the Beams with Rotten Timber)Edit

Chapter 28: Mei ren ji (Use a Woman to Ensnare a Man)Edit

Chapter 29: Li dai tao jiang (Sacrifice the Plum Tree for the Peach Tree)Edit

Chapter 30: Diao hu li shan (Lure the Tiger from the Mountain)Edit


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