Marriage Wishes is written by Luke Green and began online publication on April 7th, 2002.[1] It was completed on May 1st, 2002.[2]


A certain goddess is given the opportunity to begin granting wishes again. And her first assignment is a doozie... one Nodoka Saotome.[3]

Urd has been given a challenging assignment. Nodoka got a wish! And she wants everyone to get happily married. That means Ranma, all the fiancées, and Kuno! Oh, and Urd too. How on earth is she going to manage this. Especially when assorted demons want to interfere. Well, Urd does specialise in love...[4]


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  • 1 18/04/02
  • 2 18/04/02
  • 3 18/04/02
  • 4 18/04/02

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