Nabiki - New Horizons is written by Greg L. Sandborn and began online publication on July 11th, 1996.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 31 chapters, the most recent of which was published on July 2nd, 2009.[2]


A rich American romances Nabiki (pretending to be poor while he does so). He has shinobi connections, and so, it seems does Nabiki.[3]


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  • A section of "Chapter 12" was initially published separately as The 4th Anniversary.


  • TASS Awards Award for Annual 1996, 10th place (part 1- tie)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for August 1998, 3rd place (part 13)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for August 1999, 1st place (part 18)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for November 1999, 3rd place (part 20)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for January 2002, 3rd place

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