Natsumi, the Magical Girl is written by Richard David Beaubien and Mike Koos and began online publication on February 26th, 1996.[1] It currently stands incomplete at six instalments, the most recent of which was published on July 25th 1999.[2]


Before Mrs Tendo died, she arranged for a package to be delivered to her daughters when they came of age. One day the package arrives, containing, amongst other things, a brooch for Kasumi. A very special brooch, this one lets Kasumi transform into Natsumi, the Magical Girl. Can Kasumi defend Ranma, Akane and others from the evil machinations of the BFC corp (run by Youma). Can Kasumi survive the marketing plans of Nabiki?[3]

The BFC comes to town looking for a few good martial artists to join their company and help them take over the world. Of course you know who they'll probably want....But their plans are stopped by the most unlikely of hero's, Kasumi the newest magical girl. Can Kasumi save Ranma and company from the BFC, and can anyone save Kasumi from Nabiki's mass marketing scheme's?[4]


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Episode 1: Shock! Can Kasumi Save the World?Edit

Episode 2: Chestnut's and Chop Suey, Natsumi Can Cook!!Edit

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Episode 5: Idol Scramble! ...or an Idol a Day Keeps the Youma AwayEdit

Episode 6: The Tournament, the Party, and the Hangover...Edit


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