Neko Senshi is written by Howard C. Shaw began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and 20 parts, the most recent of which was published online on January 25th, 2014.[1]




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Part 0: AssignmentEdit

Part 1: First ChoiceEdit

Part 2: Taking a ChanceEdit

Part 3: First StepsEdit

Part 4: Coming to TermsEdit

Part 5: AftershocksEdit

Part 6: Building TrustEdit

Part 7: Learning to PlayEdit

Part 8: Renewing the ChoiceEdit

Part 9: Facing the PastEdit

Part 10: Looking ForwardEdit

Part 11: Ryouga's ChoiceEdit

Part 12: An Unexpected RequestEdit

Part 13: Facing the TestEdit

Part 14: Yao Mo WenEdit

Part 15: Cleaning UpEdit

Part 16: The Temple of Shen LongEdit

Part 17: Whose Champion?Edit

Part 18: On the Road AgainEdit

Part 19: Fresh HorizonsEdit

Part 20: Unexpected MeetingsEdit


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