New Challenges is written by Brad Angell and began online publication on June 24th, 2000.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 95 installments, the most recent of which was published on March 26th, 2003.[2]


For little over a year, a mismatched group of young martial artists have lived together in the small ward of Nerima. They played and schemed and argued and fought both against each, and side-by-side on occasion. For the most part, they acted like children, which was understandable considering very few of them had any normal sort of childhood, and were entrapped within the emotionally-turbulent time known as adolesence. Many only had one parent, and in some cases none, to guide them in their development. Despite this, and the various rivalries that developed between them, quite a few managed to become friends. They had many adventures together, some serious, some not so serious, some good, some bad; but through it all, quite a few learned lessons that they were unable to learn anywhere else. However, all phases of life must come to an end sooner or later. While the challenges of the past year were considerable, tougher challenges are still on the horizon. In order to confront these new challenges, it is time for this group of special young people to learn what it means to be an adult, though it will not be easy. Because growing up and maturing, is the biggest challenge of all...[3]

Winds of Change: An amnesiac drops into the Tendo Pond, but is he friend or foe? Cologne seems worried, but why is that? And will everyone be able to deal with the cost paid for a daring rescue?

Winds Calling: In the aftermath, Ukyo struggles to cope with her new situation, while Kenji leaves to look for his family. But old enemies will not sit idle and when Ranma is no match for them, will Cologne and Happosai risk it all to save their young charges?

All that We Have Known: Ranma and Akane make some decisions, then Akane and Shampoo fight their destined battle. Lost memories are restored, but is this really a good thing? And the Kunos' dark secret is revealed, but will anyone survive it?

Trouble with a Capital A: As Akane and Ranma begin to feel out their new relationship, a pair of old rivals returns; but as friends or enemies? Returning characters, a new fiancee, and plenty of martial arts action!

Minor Disturbances: Changes that have been wrought over the past couple of months are dealt with as life returns to a semblance of normality. Ryoga gets a new problem, Kenji and Nabiki declare war on each other, and Nerima scrambles to get out of the way!

Trials: The Nerima crew is seperated, as each is faced with their own problems and tribulations. Also, a powerful force attacks someone close to the Kunos, but without Ranma, Akane, or the Amazons, how will the rest of Nerima combat it?

Blood and Connections: Ranma and Akane have been through good and bad, resisting all attempts at seperation. As they take the next step in their relationship, other forces conspire against their friends. But what does all this have to do with past events?

The Phoenix and the Dragon: The past is catching up. A long time ago, events were set in motion, and only now are they coming close to fruition. Can Ranma, Akane, and all their friends deal with something that their ancestors couldn't?[4]

Transitions: Ukyo sits in her restaurant and drinks sake. She's lost in depression, and has been since that day. The day when she lost her chance at Ranma by bombing his wedding. Should she commit suicide? But a few things that Akane said to her suggest another way forward...

Winds of Change: In a lonely farmhouse a boy awakens. His house is on fire, all his family are dead and it looks like he is soon to follow. A man dressed in a blue robe saves him though, and sends him somewhere safe, to keep him safe from another master mage, the Fire Lord. As it happens, the boy was sent to the Tendo Dojo, without most of his memories. This is Kenji. What happened to him? Who is the Fire Lord? and why is he after him?

Winds Calling: Someone is kidnapping people. People with the power to do magic. Is this the return of the Elemental Wizard sects? Ukyo is still in her coma, but she's dreaming. Strange dreams that feel real, and tempt her to stay in her ideal world in her mind. Kenji is off looking for his house and his life, when first he meets up with Ryoga, and later with a pair of ninjas who have a very special connection to him...

All that We Have Known: Ranma and Akane only just survived the latest battle. If something isn't done about the engagement now, it will be annulled. Both of them know that they love each other, but can they bring themselves to admit it too each other before it's too late? It is also time to sort out the other relationships, and while Ukyo isn't too hard, Shampoo is harder. She holds the key to restoring Kenji's memories but Akane must fight Shampoo for Ranma...

Trouble with a Capital A: With the demon defeated it's time for things to get back to normal a bit maybe, but when a strange old man appears and splashes Ranma, he tells of a curse that the Saotome line lives under. One gained when fighting a great evil, and one that persists to this day. Time to talk to Genma to find out what this is all about. And who is this old man anyway?

Minor Disturbances: The Amazons have been dealt with, but life is rarely quiet for the Nerima crew. For instance a disagreement over a repayment between Nabiki and Kenji is hotting up into a major feud with each trying to get revenge on the other for the last trick. Meanwhile Ryoga's parents turn up with a new fiancee for him! Much to Akari's displeasure. And there's always new people turning up...

Trials: The quiet interlude is over and trouble is brewing again. Akane has been targeted as an extreme danger by a shadowy group, and Ukyo has been summoned to her father. The Joketsuzoku are returning. Meanswhile, Shampoo and Mousse are attacked by a dark organisation bent on death and destruction. And in the past all this has happened before.

Blood and Connections: It's time for another wedding. Hopefully this time Ranma and Akane will be wed successfully. This isn't the end of theirs and others troubles, Kenji is still out there, possessed and captive. Zhao Len is bent on revenge and the Dark Shogun's plans move closer to fruition. Miyo is still having those visions of the past too...

The Phoenix and the Dragon: What is the meaning of the Phoenix and Dragon taps that Ranma and co found at Jusendo. Why those two? Herb has a problem. The Mage clans have been driven from their Tibetan strongholds and are refugeeing with the Musk. This isn't so bad, there is plenty of room, but powerful enemies of them are tracking them. Meanwhile in Nerima, it's finally time to see if Ranma has really surpassed Genma. If he has, he may even be ready for the challenge ahead.[5]


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