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Nodoka Saotome is Ranma's long-absent mother and is a late-comer to the series.


Back when Ranma was just a little boy, his father took him away from home, assuaging Nodoka's complaints by vowing he and Ranma would commit seppuku if he failed to make Ranma a "man among men". After Ranma's little accident at Jusenkyo, Genma decided it would be best to avoid Nodoka, though she eventually did find out - fortunately for her son and husband, the precise event had Ranma at some of his best behavior and she decided that the curse wasn't grounds to make Ranma kill himself. Generally a very sweet and motherly sort, but she is just as fixated on honor as her son and husband are (perhaps more so), and she's still carrying that sword around by the series' end, watching and judging Ranma's behavior...

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Fanon TraitsEdit

  • Is obsessed with Ranma making her a grandmother.
  • Seems to not mind Ranma having a harem at times.
  • Can sometimes be shown to be disgusted with Genma's treatment of Ranma in fanfics, leading to divorce and even in some cases getting him arrested.

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