Obedience is written by Jenna Lee and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


Hell hath no fury like the master pissed. Happosai has a plan to make Ranma give him the respect he so rightly deserves. It is an ingenious plan until Akane fumbles into the middle of it.[1]

Akane's getting better, she can actually make Ranma sweat a bit in practice now. But she'd still like to humble him a bit. Happosai would REALLY like to humble Ranma after he gives away all his underwear collection. This necklace should do the trick. It will make Ranma obedient to him. Unfortunately Ranma and Akane overhear that bit, and Ranma thinks that by wearing the necklace he can order Happosai around! Unfortunately the pendant works the other way around, and now Ranma is obedient to Akane...[2]


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