One Mistake After Another is written by Ginrai and began online publication on December 19th, 2000.[1] It currently stands incomplete at one chapter.


A chance comment by Ranma sets two of his fiancées off on an unexpected competition.[2]

Starts off with Kunou telling Ranma-chan the reason as to why the pigtailed girl has never returned his affections. This leads to some strange conclusions by Ukyou and Akane and further mistakes...[3]

Ranma-chan is having a hard day and when Kuno decides that he's solved the mystery of why the pigtailed girl has never returned his affections, namely that they've never consummated their relationship, Ranma shouts that he'd rather have sex as a girl! Good thing no-one heard that, well except Akane and Ukyo, and they didn't see Kuno, or hear what he said. Well, now they know what Ranma wants, what to do now...[4]


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