One War, Three Sisters is written by Adam Brown and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and 17 chapters, the most recent of which was published on January 1st, 2003.[1]


The Zerg invade Earth, and the Protoss follow.[2]

The aliens attack one day, hordes of Zerg swarming down and laying waste to the world. In the initial attack, Akane is killed and Kasumi lost. 5 years later, Ranma and Nabiki are 'Ghosts' in the employ of X-Com, the organisation charged with protecting the rest of humanity. On Japan are three competing forces, X-Com, the Zerg, and the Protoss, more aliens that are bent on killing Zerg and Human alike. And on one day. Ranma and Nabiki are sent on a mission to help destroy a Zerg base. What happens that day, and who they meet, will have profound effects on them and everyone.[3]


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