Phoenix from the Ashes, originally titled Like a Phoenix from the Grave, is written by Frederick Dean Herriot and was published online on January 24th, 1999.[1]


What if Ranma, after he was crippled, met the reborn Emperor Líng of Hàn, now living as Moroboshi Hiromi?[2]

Ranma is given the opportunity to walk again and avenge himself on the family that abandoned him in exchange for his manhood.[3]

Diverges from Body and Souls after the 'admirer' comes into Ranma's life. Sakebu Kanna is the doctor who treated Ranma for his injury. She's a symbiont with an alien race called the Nendo-Kata, and the psychic powers this gives her makes her a superlative doctor. Not good enough to heal Ranma's severed spine though. But there is another way that Ranma may be healed. It has a price though, his manhood...[4]


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