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Preludes, or The Ranma ½ Preludes, is a series of Ranma ½ works of fan fiction looking at the lives of the regular characters before the start of the canon storyline.


There is always an event that defines who a person will become, what a person will accomplish, and where a person's destiny lies. Sometimes, if the fates allow, the event is chronicled for all time so others may learn its lessons. And sometimes, those chosen are remembered for it.

These are the stories of those events, and how they shaped the future - the future that would become Rumiko Takahashi's
Ranma ½.[1]

The "Preludes" FanficsEdit

  1. Shampoo - Gary Kleppe
  2. Tendo - Mike Koos
  3. Hibiki - Sean Gaffney
  4. Kunou - Mark A. MacKinnon
  5. Unryuu - Richard D. Lawson
  6. Mousse - Paul A. Gallegos
  7. Happosai - Mark Doherty
  8. Saotome - James Eades
  9. Kenzan - David J. Tai
  10. Hikaru - Vincent Seifert
  11. Hinomiya - Jamie Austin Wilde
  12. Cologne - Bridget Ellen Wilde
  13. Tarou - Christopher Willmore
  14. Kumon - no writer assigned
  15. Kuonji - James A. Bateman
  16. The Split of Musabetsu Kakuto - Paul A. Gallegos


  • Only the first seven titles of the series were ever posted online.

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