Priestess, also known as Reiko: The Priestess, is written by Bryan Neef and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at two chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Twenty years after losing both Akane and Ranma... the new heir to the Schools stops by a shrine in the middle of Japan... and runs into a ghost from the past, or did she? And what's with her son's dreams?[1]

Twenty years after Akane's death (before the failed wedding in the normal timeline), Nabiki happens upon a shrine in a beautiful valley. At this shrine, she is about to pray for her success at a nearby martial arts tournament, as well as the understanding to deal with her son's strange dreams, when she meets the shrine maiden. The young woman looks like a clone of Ranma-chan. It turns out to be Ranma-chan. Out of grief, she locked herself as a woman. Her manhood was buried with Akane. Nabiki learns what has happened to Ranma over the years, just as Ranma learns similar things.[2]

Twenty years on, the heir to the Tendo and Saotome schools, Tendou Nabiki finds herself in a temple. There she sees a woman that reminds her of Ranma, gone these twenty years. It IS Ranma. She's locked herself as a woman in grief over Akane's death and become a priestess...[3]


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  • It was planned that Neef would write the first three chapters and the remainder of the story would be penned by Andrew Norris.

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