Ranma's Apartment is written by Christopher Jones and began online publication on July 9th, 1997.[1] It currently stands incomplete at four chapters, the most recent of which was published online on October 15th, 2000.[2]


What happens when Nerima's best maritial artist gets fed up with the daily fiasco at the Tendou Dojo?[3]

It's chaos being Ranma and living at the Tendos. One day, after more than the usual chaos, Ranma finally flips, and tells everyone that all the engagements are off. He leaves, to find a place of his own to live. Akane, more than a little shocked, attempts to track him down. Of course Ranma's new apartment has it's own share of odd neigbhours. Like Megumi Morisato, who occupies the next apartment and shares an apartment with Ranma.[4]

Nerima's best martial artist gets tired of the daily trial that is life at the Tendou Dojo and decides to do something about it, while Akane has to decide what she feels, or lose Ranma forever.[5]

Ranma's had enough. He's in COLLEGE and nothing has gotten better. So he's gone. Left. Departed. And even if they see him at college he avoids his fiancees. No one knows where he's living. Except his room-mate of course. Nice girl, name of Megumi Morisato.[6]


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