Ranma's Pride is written by Michael Fetter and began online publication on May 9th, 2001.[1] It currently stands incomplete at two chapters, the most recent of which was published on October 28th, 2001.[2]


Time has passed and Ranma is the leader of a pack of tigers in the wilds near Jusenkyo. He and Akane have built an almost idyllic life for them, even if Ranma's mind has not yet recovered from the Nekoken. Maybe that will change though? But whatever happens, the arrival of Nodoka promises to dramatically alter the life that Akane and Ranma have together.[3]

Time has passed and their love has led Ranma and Akane back to China where they have become leaders of a pack of wild cats. There is hope Ranma may yet be the man he once was, but the process is slow and difficult.[4]


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