Ranma ½ Twenty Years Later is written by Frederick Dean Herriot and Mike Smith and began online on May 10th, 1996.[1] Currently it stands incomplete at one chapter.


It's been twenty years since Volume 38, and the Nerima Wrecking crew have shed their curses by having children. They're all imbued with magic from the springs, but Ranma and Akane's daughter has the greatest gift of all; she's the Mistress of Jusenkyo. However, others seek this gift for their own evil ends...[2]

The story of the Ranmaverse 20 years on. A new generation, new problems, new foes, and an interesting solution to the Jusenkyo curses Once every generation there is someone who is the Heiress of Jusenkyo inheriting the power of all 100 springs...[3]


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