Ranma 0.5 is written by Darren Demaine and began online publication on February 17th, 1995.[1] It was completed on October 19th, 1998.[2]


Ranma and Akane get into a fight with an unusual outcome.[3]

An argument with Genma results in Ranma being thrown out into a cold night. Akane takes pity on him, but regrets it when Ranma opens his mouth. During the ensuing fight, an accidental trip results in them colliding. Then something very different happens. Later there's a contest between Akane and Mousse, and Kuno sees something he thought he'd never see![4]


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Volume 1Edit

Part 1: Cold Night and a Warm HeartEdit

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Part 1: Accidents HappenEdit

Part 2: Are You a Man, or Aren't You?Edit

Part 3: All Expenses PayedEdit

Part 4: The Best of TimesEdit

Part 5: My Love Shall Never WaverEdit

Volume 3Edit

Part 1: The Slice of LifeEdit

Part 2: Lost LoveEdit



  • TASS Awards Award for Annual 1995, 11th place (Volume 2 - tie)
  • TASS Awards Award for Annual 1995, 13th place (Volume 1 - tie)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for October 1998, 3rd place (Volume 3-Part 2 - tie)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for Annual 1998, 9th place (Volume 3-Part 2)

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