Ranma 1/100th is written by Darren Demaine and began online publication on May 10th, 1995.[1] It currently stands incomplete at eight chapters, the most recent of which was published on February 14th, 1998.[2]


Ranma and Akane are going on a date! Not surprisingly this doesn't exactly go according to plan however and after it all ends, Akane is left dragging an unconscious Ranma home. Fortunately someone is here to help and a strange man drags Ranma home for Akane. Even stranger, when he encounters Happosai he attempts to punish him for his perverted ways! Pity he got the wrong pervert. This is Darken, a (very) junior Kami. He may be junior, but he can apparently cure Jusenkyo curses. Of course, he's also a klutz...[3]


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  • TASS Awards Award for Annual 1996, 13th place (Vol 2- tie)

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