Ranma More than Half is written by Michael Fetter and began online publication on April 20th, 2000.[1] It was completed on ????.


Recently, Ranma has been gaining power faster than expected and it has caught the attention of a government orginization set on defending the world from Angels.[2]

Ranko of the Amazons has been called back to Tokyo-3, Japan to defend the world. A loner at first, Ranko discovers reasons to fight when she is adopted by a very special girl and her fiancé.[3]

Ranma is discovered by a curious Tendo Akane and Tendo Nabiki. Inviting her to spend the night at their place they have no idea that their guest is one of the most powerful beings on the planet! Also that she has links to the Silver Millennium, NERV, and a host of other pantheons, including Akane's fiancé to be, Saotome Ranma! Unfortunately Ranma has no clue about these things either! Love, mass destruction, insanely powerful martial artists, and extreme heartbreak!!![4]

On a normal morning, the hentai brigade are getting ready to attack Akane when something distracts them. It's a red-haired girl, who proceeds to demolish them faster than Akane ever did. The girl is Ranma, who is just passing through on her way to take up a job at NERV, piloting an EVA. A bit later another Ranma turns up, this one male, and the heir to the Saotome school. What's going on here? The female Ranma is a MUCH better martial artist than the male Ranma and promptly creams him. And that's just the start as she discovers more and more powers as time goes on. Those Angels won't know what hit them, but is there a greater enemy to face?[5]


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